In August of 2018 we submitted an application to AGLC for a retail cannabis license.  Due to some unforseen difficulties we weren't quite ready to open for October 17, but we were ready for November, when just 2 hours before our final inspection they put a freeze on all licenses.  We tried to open as an accessory store, but found too many people were looking for cannabis, and not quite as interested in the accessories as we had hoped.  We closed the store until AGLC lifted the freeze, and here we are today, a fully licensed retail cannabis store.  We are so happy to be serving the fine residents of Lacombe.  Thank you for welcoming us with open hearts and open minds.

Introduction To Our Staff


All of us are local Lacombe residents.  The spectacular Celina (Manager) has a wealth of knowledge in cannabis and cannabis accessories, and has been a resident of Lacombe since 2007.  She is extremely helpful, and always wants to make sure that everything is right, and our customers are happy.

The fabulous Carmen (our wonderful consultant) has a knowledge of this industry that is unsurpassed, and has used cannabis products for years to overcome obstacles that were previously unachievable.  Come down and ask about her experiences, she is incredibly helpful, and an open book.  Carmen has been a resident of Lacombe since 2006, and like the rest of us, absolutely loves it here.

Jeff and his beautiful wife Alesha have been residents of Lacombe since 2012.  Both of their children attend school here, and are involved in local sports, lacrosse and soccer mainly.  Like the others, Jeff and his family couldn’t imagine a better place to live.

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